The UMCG is hiring!!

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) , in collaboration with the Spinoza Centre (SC) for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam, has a position available for a postdoctoral researcher (0.78-1.0 fte = 28-36 hrs per week) to investigate human visual perception using, amongst others, ultra-high field MR (7T) imaging in combination with population receptive field dynamics and further analyses methods. The position will be supervised by prof. Frans W. Cornelissen (UMCG) prof. and Serge Dumoulin (SC). For more details about the project, please visit the website of the visual neuroscience lab at the UMCG: We’re hiring! Postdoc position for collaborative 7T fMRI project … Read More

Another NextGenVis Doctor!

We are very pleased to announce that soon we’ll have another “NextGenVis” Doctor! Peter de Best his thesis got approved and a ceremony to celebrate this will take place on July 8th, 2021. His thesis is entitled “Cortical mapping to explain neurodegenerative visual pathologies”. Peter congratulations and enjoy your moment! Friday  8th July, 5.30 PM (GMT+3) Livestream via: Title: Cortical mapping to explain neurodegenerative visual pathologies Where: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Visit our thesis page for more NGV dissertations!

NextGenVis fellow’s spin-off Reperio raises its first investment

Reperio, an UMCG spin-off company founded by NextGenVis fellow Alessandro Grillini, raised its first major investment. The company aims to accelerate the diagnostic process for glaucoma and neurodegenerative diseases using eye-tracking technology and analyses developed by Alessandro and colleagues.

Four more NextGenVis doctors!

Over the past few months, four NextGenVis fellows have successfully defended their thesis! Below you’ll find a digital copy of their NGV dissertation (access by clicking on the title): “Plasticity of visual field representations“ A thesis by Joana Carvalho University of Groningen, the Netherlands July 2020 “Expanding the field of view – from classical to extra-classical receptive fields, neurons to populations, and voxels to sensors“ A thesis by Akhil Edadan, PhD The University of Utrecht, the Netherlands September 2020 “Spatio-temporal integration properties of the human visual system.”  A thesis by Alessandro Grillini, PhD University of Groningen, the Netherlands November 2020 “Data augmentation … Read More

Many more publications!

Over the past few months, many more manuscripts have been submitted and published! Visit our publications page or our project page on ResearchGate for an overview of and access to all of the papers.

Another NextGenVis PhD Thesis

Another PhD theses of one of the NextGenVis fellows has been now been published and will be defended soon! Below you’ll find a digital copy of the NGV dissertation (access by clicking on the title): “Going into (cortical) depth – Laminar imaging and applications for cognitive neuroscience”  A thesis by Jelle van Dijk, PhD University of Utrecht, the Netherlands March 2020   Visit our thesis page for more NGV dissertations!

PostDoc position at the UMCG (Groningen, NL)

Postdoc position in computational visual neuroscience and eye-movements The UMCG (Groningen, NL) has an immediate position available (0.8-1.0 fte) for a postdoctoral scientist with an interest in visual neuroscience and eye-movement research. We are seeking someone with a computational view on the brain, a track-record in eye-movement research, and experience in developing stimuli and analysis software (e.g. Psychtoolbox and Matlab-based). You need to be a team player with an interest in both applied and fundamental vision research. Continue via this link for further details.

NextGenVis PhD Theses

The first few PhD theses of the NextGenVis fellows have been now been submitted and defended. Below you find digital copies of some of the NGV dissertations (access by clicking on title):   “Low-level visual processing and its relation to neurological disease” A thesis by Marc Mason Himmelberg, PhD University of York, United Kingdom March 2019   “Changes in Visual Processing as Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease” A thesis by Freja Gam Østergaard University of Copenhagen, Denmark April 2019          

NextGenVis Training Courses

During the NextGenVis Program, the fellows (and external attendees) have participated in various training activities. Click on the link below to read more about the content of the training activities. Course Descriptions