Peter de Best


MSc Neuroscience and Cognition, Utrecht University, 2011-2014

BSc Pharmacy, Utrecht University, 2007-2011

Previous projects:

  • fMRI project on the inter-individual variation in the somatotopy of the motor response to action language
  • EEG project on the association between surround suppression and gamma synchrony

Current project;

stability and plasticity of cortical signal synchronization in optic neuritis

Optic neuritis is a monocular demyelinating disease of the optic nerve causing acute visual loss, and is frequently the presenting symptom of multiple sclerosis. Despite fast restoration of visual input, conduction latency following optic neuritis is substantially prolonged and this prolongation remains even years following visual recovery. This is associated with delayed visual evoked potential (VEP) latency in the affected eye.

This may suggest that delayed VEP in the fellow eyes reflects an adaptive process to synchronize binocular inputs and lead to improved depth perception. In my PhD project I will study the underlying cortical mechanisms of this temporal reorganisation, using cortical population receptive field estimations, connective fields and advance EEG testing.