NextGenVis 8th Workshop + Dissemination Conference in Pisa


Our 8th meeting will be held in Pisa (IT), from Feb 24th – Feb 28th, 2018.

This will be our final (official) meeting with the NGV consortium. During the meeting all ESRs will give a presentation overviewing their (scientific) work performed as Marie-Curie ESRs within the NextGenVis network. Furthermore, the consortium will work on some final reporting and a visit to the lab of Stella Maris and a social activity have been planned. On Wednesdays the 27th of Februari, we’ll organise a Dissemination Conference, during which the ESRs will present their most prestigious work. Furthermore, NGV PIs will give a talk where they put the work of their ESRs in a broader perspective. There will also be a key-note lecture (to be annouced). We highly welcome non-NGV members to attend this conference! Last but not least, on Thursdays the 28th, there will be the awarding of Training Certificates to the ESRs and a closing party, where we celebrate four years of great (net)work(ing)!

Please find the program of the Dissemination Conference via the link below:


Interested in attending the Dissemination Conference? Please contact or or register here.