NextGenVis 1st Workshop in Utrecht


Our 1st meeting was held in Utrecht (NL), from November 22nd – 25th, 2015.

The meeting started with project presentations by the ESR’s and a keynote lecture by Dr. Jonathan Winawer (NYU) who is a leading expert in fMRI analysis of the human visual system. The 23rd-25th of November consisted of a hands-on workshop (‘Tool advancement: fMRI analysis’) taught by Prof. Serge Dumoulin on fMRI analysis using population receptive field modelling, as well as a visit to the high-field MRI scanning facilities at Utrecht University. On the final day, the 26th of November, the ESR’s visited the Royal Dutch Visio rehabilitation centre where they received lectures and participated in interactive demos. During this meeting the first Junior Research Board meeting was held and the Network’s training program, including the secondments, industrial rotations and outreach plan was discussed together with the program manager.

Full program