Stanislau Semeniuta


Profile Update 28.02.2019

Current activities:

I have finished my NGV project and submitted a PhD thesis discussing its results.


The project has resulted in 4 conference papers with a total of 220 citations.

Future plans:

I am currently working in the private sector and plan to continue doing so.

My NextGenVis Experience:

I have enjoyed being a part of this project very much and am very grateful for the opportunity.


Research Labs:

Pattern Recognition Company GmbH

Institut für Neuro- und Bioinformatik, Universität zu Lübeck


2015 – Current time: PhD in Computer Science, Lübeck, Germany

2013 – 2015: Master degree in Computer Science, Trento, Italy

2007 – 2013: Bachelor degree in Software Engineering, Minsk, Belarus.

research interests

Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks


  • Activity Recognition with Recurrent Neural Networks / S. Semeniuta // Thesis
  • Facial Expression Recognition under a Wide Range of Head Poses / R. L. Vieriu, S. Tulyakov, S. Semeniuta, E. Sangineto, N. Sebe // FG 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Robust Real-Time Extreme Head Pose Estimation / S. Tulyakov, R. L. Vieriu, S. Semeniuta, N. Sebe //

ICPR 2014, Stockholm, Sweden.



Current Project

This research project is focused on attempting to model human visual perception from an algorithmic and computational point of view. The computational model researched in this project is based on the machine-learning field called Deep Learning. The main algorithm in this field is the Artificial Neural Network (ANN). It is a model that is inspired by structure of the brain, i.e. a huge number of relatively simple units, neurons, and connections between them.