Marc Himmelberg



PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, 2018, University of York, UK

Supervisors: Professor Alex Wade and Professor Antony Morland

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), 2014, Western Sydney University, Australia

Supervisor: Dr. Tamara Watson


Australian Psychological Society Prize, 2014

Western Sydney University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship, 2014


My research interests include low-level visual processing and visual cortical changes in patient populations with neurological and psychiatric disorders. Currently, research aims to investigate visual abnormalities in patients with a genetic form of Parkinson’s Disorder.

NextGenVis Project:

I am currently working with drosophila to investigate how LRRK2-G2019S (the most common early-onset PD related genetic mutation) impacts the drosophila visual system via abnormalities in visual gain control. I will use EEG to quantify similar visual abnormalities in human PD patients. I will be applying fMRI-pRF based techniques to investigate the response of neural populations to contrast and temporal frequency in both healthy and PD patient populations. Changes in contrast sensitivity of these population receptive fields can then be related to behaviour and disease severity.