Carmine Gnolo


  • Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering, University of Naples Federico II (Sep 2007 – Jul 2011)
    Main topics: math, physics, signal analysis, informatics
  • Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, University of Naples Federico II (Sep 2011 – Jun 2015)
    Main topics: advanced signal processing, imaging, biophysics, pattern recognition, statistics

Work experience:

  • Internship at DIBET, Biomedical Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering Department at the University of Naples Federico II
    Electromagnetic measures
  • Internship at Hermitage Capodimonte fMRI research facility
    fMRI data acquisition and analysis


Bachelor’s Thesis project in Electromagnetic Fields Physics:

“Wide band spectroscopy of magnetic nanoparticles in diluted aqueous solution”,

Prof. Ovidio Mario Bucci

Master’s Thesis project in Neuroimaging, at the University of Salerno:

“Multivariate Regression Analysis of Musical Features”, supervisor Prof. Fabrizio Esposito

Current Projcet

PhD student at BrainInnovation: “Changes in cortical representations due to the learning of new object information

Research profile:

My research focuses on the development and use of innovative fMRI data analysis techniques for the study of visual perception. Ultra-High Field fMRI (7T, 9.4T) and Computational Neuroimaging are my main interest areas.

My main PhD project is about using Population Receptive Field estimation and Representational Similarity analysis to see how the representation of a stimulus in the ventral cortical visual areas (e.g. FFA) changes after perceptual learning.