PhD Student in Cognitive Science

  • University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • WhiteMatter Labs GmbH, Berlin, Germany


  • B.Sc. Audiovisual Systems Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid (2009-2014).
  • M.Sc. Multimedia and Communications, University Carlos III of Madrid (2014-2015).

Previous research experience

  • Researcher and teaching assistant at the Group of Multimedia Processing in the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, University Carlos III of Madrid (2013-2016).
    • Research topics: automatic video aesthetics assessment, video affective content analysis and image processing.
    • Taught courses: Digital Image Processing, Multimedia Information Processing and Digital TV.

Research interests

  • Machine learning
  • Deep neural networks
  • Computer vision
  • Human visual affective perception

Current NextGenVis project

Predicting visual emotional perception through artificial neural networks: the main goal is to develop machine learning models based on deep neural networks that are able to predict the elicited emotional and attentional response of images on their viewers. For that purpose, I research into ways of combining semi-supervised learning models, network visualization techniques and eye-tracking data that help overcome the problem of the lack of enough labeled data.

Besides, I am involved in a project about developing a model to learn global saliency (attention) scores from images, departing from eye-tracking data, that would ultimately serve as a diagnostic tool of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


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