Akshatha Bhat


Profile Update 08.03.2019

Current activities:

I’ve recently (04.03.2019) defended my thesis and obtained my doctorates degree. I’m currently looking for a postdoc position.

Projects Involved & PUBLICATION

  • Inhibitory surrounds of motion mechanisms revealed by continuous tracking. Bhat, A., Cicchini, G. M., & Burr, D. C. (2018). Journal of Vision, 18(13):7, 1–10
  • Bilateral Visual field maps in a patient with left eye microphthalmia and massive congenital brain damage involving the left geniculostriate pathway: A Case study. Bhat.A, Kurzawski J,Anobile G,Biagi L,Tinelli F,Morrone M.C (in preperation)
  • Cortical Thickness and Volume in Primary visual cortex in periventricular leukomalacia. Bhat.A, ,Anobile G,Biagi L,Tinelli F,Morrone M.C (in preparation)
  • Audio-visual Stimulation induced cortical representation in hemianopic hemifield. Bhat.A, Anobile G,,Tinelli , Biagi L F,Morrone M.C (in preparation)

Future plans:

I want to continue in vision and multisensory research. The next step would be to have some post-doctoral experience in different labs around the world to gain some more experience and knowledge of the field.

My NextGenVis experience:

NextGenVis was a truly played a very important role in expanding my horizons academically and also personally. As a non-European, my true journey in Europe started with understanding the dynamic academia of the land, which is certainly through the eyes of NextGenVis. Opportunity to learn from the best in the fields and understanding different working styles through secondments, inspired me to have higher goals in academia.



2011-2013: M.Sc Cognitive Science, Center for Behavioral and Cognitive sciences, University of Allahabad, INDIA

2008-2011: B.Sc , SDM College, University of Mangalore, INDIA

Reasearch assistantship

  • NIAS-Mani Bhaumik Research Fellow under the Consciousness Studies Programme.
    National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)

Current research and interests
Plasticity of human visual system
fMRI of human visual cortex
Motion perception
Perception of time


‘Effect of object based attention on temporal order perception’. University of Allahabad, INDIA (2013)