Akhil Edadan



M.Sc. Bioengineering FT, University College Dublin, Ireland               Sep 2014-Aug 2015

Bachelor of technology, Biomedical Engineering,                                    Jul 2010- Jul 2014

VIT University, India

Work Experience

Volunteer, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Ireland

Biomedical engineering intern, Baby Memorial Hospital Ltd., Calicut, India

Current project

Advanced biologically inspired models to study the stability and plasticity of visual cortex

Project aims to advance the Population Receptive Field models through developing sophisticated modeling of the internal computation taking place in the neuronal populations in order precisely quantify the changes taking place in the visual cortex. Focus will be on analyzing the changes in the feature selectivity (such as contrast energy, motion energy) of neuronal population.

Research Interests     Computational modeling, Vision, Neuroimaging


Classification of EEG signals corresponding to lapsing attention due to mind wandering,

University College Dublin (Supervisor: Dr. Simon Kelly) – 2015